Mission of X

To be an elite automation systems provider dedicated to significantly improve processes through shared efforts and technology.

Vision of X

All great companies are committed to the vision. 

For Xautomation, our vision is to partner with the best technologies and people to provide the most efficient solutions for the manufacturing, energy, chemical, and food processing industries. 

As a trusted partner to our clients, they experience peace of mind knowing our team is handling the project with expert precision and quick execution to generate reliable results.

Commitment to eXecuting


  • Be honest, empathetic, and mindful of all we interact with.
  • Be true to the scientific process of creating automation solutions
  • Extend the extra effort to see tasks be the best they can be
  • Be fundamentally familiar with both current and future technology in all aspects 

Project Foundations:

  • Deliver safe workplaces for our clients, our team, and the community.
  • Be 100% environmentally friendly in our approach
  • Implement the best technology based solely on ability and supportability
  • Efficiency is at the center of everything we do
  • Standby our project commitments – no matter what.

These core values lie at the heart of how we operate and who we work with.