Automation hardware is the fundamental backbone of any facility or equipment. XAutomation sets itself apart by being highly experienced in many different OEMs. This allows us to support more applications and also to make sure the right hardware is selected for the application.

Where as most Systems Integrators only support 1 maybe 2 OEM’s we support just about every brand of hardware out there. Because we fundamentally understand automation – it doesn’t really matter what the name on the box is.

Further, we don’t just support the control system. We actually provide comprehensive support for all kinds of end devices as well. Usually, a client will have to hire an engineering firm to handle the I/E design, a systems integrator to provide the control panels and the programming, and electricians to install everything. In our case, we can take care of the entire project.

We deal with thousands of hardware brands and choose the best for whatever application we’re working with. Below are some of our favorites.

Rockwell Automation