Journey of X

Founded in Tulsa, OK by Matthew Kendall and team of just 4 guys focused on the field support of process automation, evolved to a small group of seasoned automation experts serving many regions, industries, applications, and technologies. After 20 years of providing quality automation solutions to many industries worldwide, we are redefining how operations automate. 

Our experience, coupled with the substantial advances in technology put us at the cutting edge of automating your operations infrastructure.

Our support and solutions are serving clients from west Texas to New York, from the UK to Indonesia, and beyond (if you have a project in space we might just do it for free). 

Our proprietary technology applications encompass PLC/PAC, HMI/SCADA, DCS, RTU, vision, robotics,  machine learning, artificial intelligence, industrial internet of things, fluid control, communications networking, and custom software development for integration and custom reporting. We have provided these many types of automation solutions for energy, food & beverage, manufacturing, transportation, and chemical industries. 

Like all things in technology, we are advancing and growing with the times. We’re expanding our offerings and locations so we can assist more companies with the latest industrial automation solutions to increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. Our team is growing with automation experts who are committed to our process of excellence, dedicated to our mission, and experienced in delivering best in class industrial automation tools to our clients worldwide.  

We’ve learned a lot over the last 20 years and we’re excited to put it into practice as we grow into our next evolution. Join us on this journey. Explore how XAutomation can take your automation infrastructure to the next level.