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Welcome to the World of X

The world of industrial automation is changing. You are looking for a partner with the knowledge, systems, tools, and experience. XAutomation is here to help! “Chat with a Tech” now and let’s get started.

What We Do

  • Custom Control Concepts
  • Control Panels – PLC, DCS, HMI
  • MCC Buildings
  • Control Rooms
  • End Devices
    • Transmitters
    • Motors/VFD’s
    • Valves
    • Vision Systems
  • Digitization
  • Server/Cloud Architecture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Unit Integration
  • Data Analytics
    • Custom development
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning

The eXperience

We deliver a better way to improve your process, create efficiencies, bolster applications, and provide unmatched ongoing support to protect and increase your bottom line.

We stay focused on delivering these cutting edge solutions based on these five core principles that serve as our commitment to a stellar eXperience with our entire team.


Grounded in the commitment to always be improving, our team is hyper-focused on consistently making internal processes better and leveraging technology. The goal is to produce automation systems that are more consistent, efficient, technically advanced, and more reliable than anybody else. 


We take on projects and work with clients who know we have the capabilities to deliver the right results. Through a thorough analysis of the project, we make sure we can execute promptly at the right level for your team. If we can’t, we recommend alternative solutions so you walk away knowing Xautomation is a trusted partner the next time. 


Our company is structured to make sure we’re available when you need us, where you need us. 

  • 24/7 Real-time access to collaboration, documentation, and status
  • Using the latest remote access and support technology to deliver solutions
  • An emergency phone number that guarantees an immediate response
  • Over staff to ensure you always have someone to support your schedule

We implement designs with real-time diagnostics and alert if unexpected issues arise. By incorporating self-diagnostics and other artificial intelligence/machine learning, our systems have become known for their reliability. 

When we design our systems we ask “what if?” more times than we like to admit. We tweak our designs over and over again after every simulation and real-world testing scenario is processed.  Couple this with our real-world experience and this is how we achieve a reliable solution for you.


As technology advances and our clients’ needs increase, we too will grow and adapt. Xautomation is one of the first automation partners to bring a total automation system solution for client partners. We incorporate into that design an ability to scale. We have systems that have been in operation for 20 years that instead of getting replaced – they get expanded. We’re very proud of that. 

Where We Do It

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Who We Do It For

Supporting the automation needs of all industries around the globe. We are committed to serving our clients and creating long-term relationships. Check out some of the clients who have experienced our automation solutions.

Get Started

“Chat with a tech” by using our website chat feature in the bottom right corner of this screen. This is the fastest way to reach our expert technicians who can help you right away. Whether it’s a technical question, a project inquiry, or just wanting to get to know us better – shoot us a message. 

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