PLC/DCS Development

Developing logic to provide PLC or DCS control at the asset, plant, or regional level requires significantly different skill sets. We can display ample experience at all three levels. 

There are many different styles, methods, and theories when it comes to PLC or DCS development. Complying with standards (such as IEC 61131) and the ability to support by your personnel are two of the more important considerations. 

We work with you to better understand your PLC or DCS needs. We take the time to understand your internal capabilities,  and your desired outcome to ensure your automation performs reliably. The PLC/DCS is the brain of your operation. Getting this part right or wrong is a significant factor in having a good automation system or one that needs a lot of ongoing help.

For example, if your support staff is more comfortable with ladder logic instead of structured text, we will develop the entire project in ladder logic. Plus, we include the support staff in initial discussions to make sure their input is captured, understood, and considered in the final product development process. 

Our goal with PLC and DCS development services is that your team has a final product that works as intended, consistently, and with limited downtime.