Partner Roles

At Xautomation, there are several ways we work with projects and facilities. By partnering with our expert automation team, our obligation is focused on delivering a solution that lasts for years to come. 

We achieve this best in class solution by contracting directly with an end-user as the End User Representative. Or we partner with Engineering Procurement and Construction firms (EPC) or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) companies looking to subcontract out the automation expertise to our team based on our proven track record and availability. 

No matter the commercial contract, we work extensively with all parties involved to deliver the best solution possible. End users, EPCs, OEMs, and XAutomation all go hand in hand. 

Here are a few ways we can partner with your equipment, firm, or facility to get the job done right.


The EPC Arm is a traditional role. When done right, this relationship can be very successful. The XAutomation team is always proud to partner with EPCs who want to subcontract out part (or all) of the automation to us. We know how to operate in this capacity very well. 

Lean on us for this role to develop the DCS, PLC/PAC, HMI/SCADA, TRU, network, and server architecture. Over the years we have developed a strong suite of tools and pre-developed solutions that help both ourselves and our EPC partners be highly successful.

OEM Partner

Major OEMs rely on Xautomation because we have tremendous experience in:

  • Developing standardized control systems for their applications that streamline their inventory, fabrication, and ongoing support of their equipment.
  • Performing Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing on their behalf. This allows them to augment their internal automation resources by having one of our seasoned reps perform these functions on their behalf.
  • Performing urgent remote or onsite support of their equipment when their own resources are tied up. 
  • Utilizing us instead of or as an extension of their team as they only pay us when they use us. 

End-User Rep

The End-User Representative role is a direct engagement with the plant or equipment owner. The Xautomation team serves as the End User Rep to collaborate with you, your needs or vision for the project, and the strategy for getting the automation job done correctly and quickly. 

This allows the owner or operator to rest assured that they are getting their full value out of the automation. We are the subject matter experts to represent the best interests in the automation process and implementation. This role can operate in two ways:

Direct Owner Engagement

Many times we are engaged by the owner directly to support, replace, or expand an existing system. As the end-user representative, we advocate for the best possible solution. We work directly with you for seamless project execution. 

From expanding your system to incorporate new hardware/functionality, replacing your system with newer technology as a retrofit project, or implementing a from scratch new system, our #1 obligation is to fully support your project to ensure full functionality is achieved.

EPC or OEM Sub-Contractor

Another way we serve the end-user is by sub-contracting with the current EPC or OEM on the project. In this case, the end-user, the EPC, or the OEM prefers an expert automation group, like Xautomation, dealing directly with the end-user. We work directly to the end-user, the same as a direct engagement, but contracts and billing go through the EPC or OEM. Many times this is preferred as the end-user doesn’t want to get bogged down dealing with multiple vendors and the EPC/OEM gets to markup the automation group’s efforts while monitoring their progress.  

In all cases, we work hand-in-glove with an EPC or OEM partner. They maintain responsibility for the environment where the automation lives. So, direct and clear collaboration is critical. Working together as a team, everybody achieves the goal of a successful project.  

In all partnership roles, we check automation drawings (such as electrical one-line drawings, network topology, and control panel layout drawings) and documentation (such as Cause & Effect Matrix, Sequence of Operations/Control Narratives, or Instrumentation Specification Data Sheets) developed by the EPC. If this documentation is not provided, we can develop them ourselves. 

This ensures everything will function correctly and completely. For jobs where we are developing the software (PLC/HMI), it allows for us to know what bells and whistles we can use to further extend the functionality of the system.

Ready to talk about a partnership project, Chat with a Tech using our chat feature. Our team will get you the information you need right away!