Benefits of a Systems Integrator

Startup & Commissioning is one of the most crucial roles a Systems Integrator performs.

Why hire a systems integrator?

Implementing and updating automation creates the opportunity for improving and expanding the production capabilities, efficiencies, and overall effectiveness for many industries worldwide.  The success of any company’s automation system depends largely on how well it is implemented, how often it is upgraded to meet ongoing demands, and the level of integration between all hardware and software. 

System integrators (SI) are the bridge between automation and full integration for many manufacturers.

A systems integrator is a skilled team of engineers, programmers, computer scientists, and other technical experts who implement a variety of software and hardware integrations. From large-scale efforts for new processes, assessing obsolete or inefficient control systems to developing completely new automation innovation solutions that solve old problems, a Systems Integrator team knows how to navigate this technical automation landscape. 

The services of systems integrators cover everything from implementation to support to maintenance. They only do automation systems. Their expertise and insight is best-in-class when it comes to fixing, building, or integrating industrial automation solutions for your plant, equipment, firm, or business.

Systems integrators have a broad knowledge of how industrial control systems work. They bring structured approaches on which application to use and how best to implement it. As the name suggests, system integrators understand the technicalities behind integrating functional and effective systems production value.

Here are some of the core values you can expect from a systems integrator:

  • Control System Assessment and analysis: A good systems integrator can carry out a complete assessment and analysis of your current control system and its integrations to determine the best ways to bring value to your production process. A system integrator can help you decide if you need your complete system redesigned, overhauled, or simply tweaked for increased efficiency.
  • Provision of service, support, and maintenance: A systems integrator has well-trained and fully dedicated service support staff to address all of your automation needs.
  • Control systems retrofitting: One of the most common jobs of a systems integration team is the retrofitting of obsolete and unsupported control systems with new and more effective solutions. System integrators help make sure that your downtime risks are managed effectively or even prevented altogether.
  • Creation of innovative automation solutions: In some cases, a company might require an innovative control system specific to its production process. Only a systems integrator can fully implement such control systems by coupling their understanding of technology with fundamental approaches to automation application.
  • Team extension for large-scale expansion projects: During large-scale automation and control systems expansion, a system integrator is an excellent way to ensure that your expansion process is carried out efficiently and to the industry standard.

As experienced Systems Integrators, the Xautomation team can deliver high tech software development and components for your company. We work with industrial companies in many different industries to carry out assessments of their current automation systems, develop automation roadmaps, and integrate their old systems with new ones to ensure that they stay efficient and productive.

By partnering with Xautomation, you will have access to a diverse team of trained and experienced control engineers,  installation specialists, and technicians to carry out sophisticated systems integrations and more.