HMI and SCADA Development

Decades ago, when companies began developing computers to monitor and control electrical components on their equipment and/or facilities, there came a need to view this data graphically. To achieve this, companies developed proprietary software using proprietary programming languages to parse and display the data. The goal was for the operations team to quickly identify application statuses.  

Fast forward 30 years or so, you have clear leaders in this space

You are most likely familiar with at least one of these products. Combined they represent the majority of HMI applications in the world.  These companies produce software suites that allow many different ways to display data and control access.

However, with each brand name comes a very different approach on how to build such interfaces. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. It is impossible for any one man to be an expert in all of these applications. They are developed in different software languages (like VBA, C++, Python, or custom developed). They have various different communications drivers and ways to access them. Their pricing structures run from affordable, low-end solutions to high-end, enterprise solutions. 

Most of the time, companies focus on one suite and one suite only. This can have some downsides because each system has its own “gotchas” based on their varying strengths and weaknesses. 

How do you know which system to choose? 

To navigate through the HMI and SCADA software system “gotchas,” having a systems integrator team, like the experts at Xautomation, you can navigate this software landscape with peace of mind. 

A systems integrator can provide services in multiple regions and multiple industries. As a systems integrator, we use these major platforms and systems every day. We’ve spent our 20 years being the go-to experts in navigating and integrating these systems for plants, factories, and facilities worldwide.

The Xautomation team works extensively with all major names, plus a few lesser-known systems. We’ve developed our own custom, proprietary, cloud-based HMI applications to fit client needs. Our solutions combined with our knowledge of all major platforms ensures that you have a knowledgeable partner to fix your program, choose a new application system, or custom develop the HMI or SCADA solution your business needs.  

Making the decision about the right HMI or SCADA solution for you can feel endless. There are many factors for you to consider. But, rest assured that at least one solution is going to be significantly better for your organization. Our team at Xautomation can work with you quickly to assess your system needs and find a fit. We will understand your goals, your capability, and identify which software suite is best for you. 

We have relationships with all of the major software platforms. However, we have zero obligation, exclusivity, or reason for promoting one solution over another. This allows us to be solely interested in what makes the most sense to you.